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Bank Details

A/C: Capital Market Stabilization Fund

Account No. 0010311521301

Bank: Community Bank Bangladesh Limited,

Branch Address: Police Plaza Concord (Level-5,
Tower-2), Plot-2, Road – 144, Dhaka-1212

Routing Number: 310260851

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Development is On-going

CMSF always prioritizes the Investors. A software solution is being created with Investors' convenience in mind. Investors can submit claims through the system with the necessary supporting documentation, monitor the progress of their claims, and much more. The development is ongoing. Settlement of claims in securities shall be declared in accordance with Bangladesh Securities and Exchange (CMSF) Rules 2021, Rule 12(x).

The software has been named ‘INSAF’ by Mr. Md. Nojibur Rahman, the Honourable Chairman of CMSF. INSAF is developed by CMSF’s in-house Developers to ensure justice for esteemed investors by safeguarding their right to receive due dividends. The name is inspired by the word ‘Insaf’, meaning justice and fairness. INSAF symbolizes our organization and its mission: 'IN' represents Investors, and 'SAF' stands for the Stabilization Fund, reflecting CMSF.

Currently, CMSF is receiving claims from the Investors manually through the Issuer Companies. The Investor submit the claim with proper documents (required documents are briefly mentioned in the Operations > Investors’ Claim Settlement) with a prescribed form. Investors can collect the form from the Issuer Company.  The process of lodging a claim can also be found in Operations > Investors’ Claim Settlement > Operational Guideline.

CMSF has already resolved several settlements. It is worth mentioning that CMSF invited the Investors to the first settlement during its special event “Birthday Celebration of the Father of the Nation & Investors’ Claim Settlement” on 15 March 2022.