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শনিবার, ১৫ জুন, ২০২৪

Bank Details

A/C: Capital Market Stabilization Fund

Account No. 0010311521301

Bank: Community Bank Bangladesh Limited,

Branch Address: Police Plaza Concord (Level-5,
Tower-2), Plot-2, Road – 144, Dhaka-1212

Routing Number: 310260851

Team Strategy Forum (TSF)

Team Strategy Forum (TSF) is a very crucial and visionary initiative taken by the Honorable Chairman, Capital Market Stabilization Fund to set up the goals, objectives and results-oriented strategic planning for CMSF. TSF is organized in order to hold vibrant brainstorming sessions to focus on claim settlement progress, fund collection and utilization, to follow up the progress of IT related works and drafting strategic plans for CMSF to accomplish its activities in an organized manner.    In order to smoother the operation of CMSF by involving all the committees, the Chairman CMSF has been convening TSF on a monthly basis. This has become a platform to follow up on the decisions of BOG meetings and other important forum where all the committee chairmen are invited to ensure coordination, cooperation and coherence among different committees within CMSF.

Terms of Reference (ToR)